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Campaign to get TFL funding for improvements to Hampton Hill Pavements

Campaign to get TFL funding for improvements to Hampton Hill Pavements

Monday October 20th – We would like you to add your voice to our campaign and to do so, we would urge you to write a letter as a local business and/or resident to Richmond Council.

This is what Jamie O’Harah (TfL Head of Government Relations) has said:

“Each year we give London’s boroughs funding through a programme called Local
Implementation Plans, or LIPs as they’re commonly known.

In addition, we also gave them £256,000 for road maintenance (we don’t specify
the locations on where it should be spent).

It’s this source of funding that would be the most likely used to upgrade the High Street, Hampton Hill. We’ve spoken to the borough who have said that this is not a scheme listed for works this financial year) but that it is under consideration for next year.

If it helps, maintenance schemes for the next financial year are finalised in December and a recommendation is then made to Councillors. “

The more people get in touch, the more likely this will happen. Please therefore write now to:

Andrew Darvill and cc Paul Chadwick at Richmond Council

Please also cc Isolde O’Kane, our Town Center Manager

Point to make include (or any others that you feel are important):

• Aware there is TfL money available to improve pavements

• Is a classified road

• Contains two Conservation Areas (CA) Majority is in one or the other

• Several Listed Buildings

• Many Buildings of Townscape Merit (BTM)

• Popular amateur theatre – bringing in visitors from outside

• 100% on the boundary wall (Listed) of Bushy Park

• Two entrances into Bushy Park attract lots of visitors to the High St so the

state of the High Street is critical to its economic viability/growth

• Entrances used for sport in the Park eg HH Cricket Club etc.

Many thanks for taking the time to do this and for your support.
Norma & Ross
Hampton Hill Traders’ Association