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Heathrow's airspace trials

Heathrow's airspace trials

September 2014 – A petition has been set up by Teddington Town. Please click here to sign it. It is really important that we make our voice heard to avoid these trials being made permanent.

When the trials are over, Heathrow will be submitting options for public consultation in 2016. But you don’t have to wait till then. Heathrow have asked that feedback is sent to noise_complaints@heathrow.com. including your name, address, postcode and phone number if you feel you have been adversely affected by the easterly trials

This is taken directly from the Heathrow website:

Heathrow’s airspace trials
When and where will the trials take place?

Between now and 2016, we’re running a series of trials as part of the government’s plan to modernise UK airspace. Our aim is to improve the airspace around Heathrow for the good of everyone: passengers, airlines and neighbouring communities.

During the trials some people will experience more noise, others will experience less. The important point to note is that what you experience during the trials is not indicative of how Heathrow’s final airspace will look or sound. The final decision is several years away and will be taken by the government, not Heathrow.

As the trials progress, we’ll be sharing results on our website and through public briefings.

Trials timeline and schedules

To help you find out if and when you’re likely to be affected, we’ve produced a trial timeline and a series of schedules describing what we’ll be doing in each set of trials.
Westerly departure trial 2: 25 August 2014 – 26 January 2015

Our second westerly departure trial tests: 1.Satellite-based navigation / Performance-based navigation
3.Noise respite.

Easterly departure trial 2: 28 July 2014 – 26 January 2015 (This is the one that affects us)

Our second easterly departure trial tests: 1.Satellite-based navigation / Performance-based navigation
2.Resilience on 3 easterly departure routes
For more info including a map to show you the affected areas please click here

Easterly and westerly departure trial 1: 16 December 2013 – 15 June 2014

Our first two trials tested: 1.Satellite-based navigation / Performance-based navigation
2.Our ability to provide predictable noise respite on aircraft departures.