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Hampton Hill Association

Hampton Hill Association

The aim of the Hampton Hill Association (HHA) is to foster a sense of community, and preserve the character and amenities of Hampton Hill.

Now in its 50th year, the HHA is run by a hard-working committee of volunteers (see list below). It works alongside the Hampton Hill Traders Associations and with the police and Community Consultative Group, to promote business and ensure Hampton Hill is a safe place to live and work.

The HHA produces and distributes the ‘Hampton Hill Magazine’ three times a year. It is a voice for the community that is not dependant on having a computer or internet access, and features local news and events.

The Association also co-ordinates social groups and organises the Waste Watchers action group which carries out regular litter picking events and liaises with the authorities on persistent litter problems.

How to join

Join the HHA today by emailing hha.members@gmail.com. Membership costs just £5 per household per year, which goes towards producing the newsletter and covering HHA costs.


Derek Papworth
Email: HHA.Chairman@gmail.com

Helen Abate
Secretary and Editor of ‘Hampton Hill Magazine’
Email: abate.helen@gmail.com

Treasurer Elect: Brian Brignall, hha.money@gmail.com: hha.money@gmail.com

Planning and Environment: Craig Anders, craigandruth@btinternet.com

Archivist & Social Club: Anne Wood, abdwood@hotmail.com

Community Police Partnership & Police Liaison: Steve Newby, s_newby@icloud.com

Membership Secretary Elect: Linda Brignall, hha.members@gmail.com

Hampton Hill Association Music Group:
This group, one of the various social groups that form part of the HHA, has existed for 41 years, non-stop. It really has operated, as far as we can tell, without a break. Until recently, active members included a few of the original founders, which is wonderful, surely.

The group members, numbering in all about 25, with some 16 especially active folk, meet once a year in September, to plan the year’s events, whereby we meet in members’ homes once a month on a selected Thursday evening, to play and enjoy a selection of music that the host or hostess puts together. We feature two sessions of music of absolutely all shades and hues, increasingly so in fact, separated by an always delightful social break for refreshments and chat. We may use LPs, singles, CDs, tapes in any mix.

The group is similar to a music appreciation club, but no one lectures or provides complicated descriptions. We are much more friendly and informal. The most we might hear is a very brief outline of what the piece is and why it was chosen. And the “piece” could be anything; for example: anything from the Classics, Jazz, Pop, Ethnic, visual too with DVDs or Videos sometimes being played, of a ballet piece, for example. Some members like to provide a broad sheet with a description of the pieces to be heard. In any event, we distribute, three or four times a year, a newsletter which includes who has hosted which evenings, together with any news and snippets.

Membership is by invitation in the sense that, given where we meet (in members’ homes), we cannot provide unlimited places. Most of us will have joined through word of mouth. We only ask that members undertake to attend reasonably regularly and reliably for reasons of sociability and to maintain good numbers. Organising an evening can be quite onerous and we are always grateful to those who offer their homes for this purpose. Without their hospitality, our evenings would not function.

You may wish to try a sample evening, in which case call, please:
George Andrews – 07806 222263