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Plus ça change

Update on the Uplift project – End of April 2017

Works on Hampton Road junction is now complete. Please note that coming up Park road turning right into the High street, the middle lane is RIGHT TURN ONLY now.

The new signalled pedestrian crossing outside the HH Medical centre is now up and running. This was moved from the previously location at the top of Cross Street, following public opinion favoured a crossing to service the shops, bus stops, Medical Centre and new school at the northern end of the High street.

This has now been completed. Some road marking still need to be completed. This will be done shortly.

The new trees are in along the parade of shops but that area is still under renovation. There is also a new tree on Parkside and outside Geranium shop. There is a maintenance contract in place to keep these watered.

Paving: Paving on the Bushy Park side is almost complete. Work on the parade of shops from Clarence House to the main junction will commence in May.

Linemarking and signage is still underway. Road signs (and parking re-inforcements!) will go up next week.

Street furniture
These have been purchased and will be going in early May.

Light Columns
Some of the light columns will be moved to accomodate the newly widen pavements

The tarmac that can be seen on some of the pavements is only temporary and will be replaced by new paving.

The last items to be done will be the top of the side roads off the High Street and the paving around the main junction.

Photo taken by local photographer Max Ellis in Bushy Park Dec 2016

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